Jen’s Intro


Last year Megan and I donated items from our closet to a great cause for the Ottawa School of Art, organized by our friend Carolynn Lacasse.

When you work in the fashion industry there is a certain standard you have to adhere to. Even in the Ottawa Fashion Scene, showing up to two events wearing the same or similar outfit can be mortifying. Or at least that’s what I’ve told myself. It’s one of the many tactics I’ve used in the past to justify buying something new.


Twinning at work. We do love our denim and leather.

When you’re going to party and it’s always the same people (because let’s be honest, it’s always the same people) you don’t want them to see you in what they saw you in at last week’s store opening/charity fashion show/fundraiser/event.

I’ve reached maximum self-absorption…


Megan and I goofing off at Festival Mode last year

I always seem to be scheming about the next outfit I have to prepare, furiously texting my fashion savvy friends asking them the weirdest questions like, “Do you think Edie Sedgwick meets late 90’s Madonna¬†would be a cool outfit for this party?”

It’s this reason that I’ve decided to partake in this blog challenge. I’ve become a caricature of myself. I’ve become P’Trique, I’ve reached maximum self-absorption and I’m realizing that I might not even like fashion that much any more. Shopping has become a crutch, a habit, an addiction.

Over the course of however long this blog takes, I am not going to shop, until I have worn every single item at least once in my closet. I am pledging this to my blogging partner, Megan and to whoever else decides to read this blog and join us on battling our addiction.

See ya on the other side!!!


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