Meet Megan

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Jen and I at MIM’s 2013 Christmas Party!

Here we are, Two girls in the fashion industry, going to magazine parties, fashion shows, VIP store openings, Sounds amazing right? Sounds like a fun lifestyle? Well it is, unless you are BROKE. Then you run into the ever agonizing question, “what am I going to wear.” So here we are, two girls, a Booking Agent and an Academy and New Faces Director at a modeling agency, tired of having no money, and so many places to go!

We have each started a challenge for 2015. I will not buy any new clothes or accessories for a whole year, I  literally will be stuck in my closet. That’s right, no new shoes, no new skirts, no new dresses, no new anything! To make this even more challenging for myself, I am getting married this year! Whoop Whoop, exciting right?  Yes exciting, however that also means I have even more events I get to attend, everything from Bridal Showers to bachelorettes to a month-long honeymoon, which will involve backpacking around Thailand.  You guessed it, I will still not be buying anything for these events!

Goofing around after a Summer Camp Photoshoot

Goofing around after a Summer Camp Photoshoot

I have decided to give myself a little something to make 2015 an easier year on me. I am allowing myself three cheats! These will be long and thought out cheats, saved for big occasions, or maybe when I am down about my outfits and need a good and fun pick me up.

When this year is over, I hope to have a new found respect for my wardrobe. I hope to go out on a limb with my outfits of the day, and I hope to save money, while I put my shopping addiction on the back burner.  Here is to an amazing year, to a year of new found fashion discoveries to a strong friendship with Jen as we fight the urge to shop and to put money in our pockets!

Follow along if you have a love for fashion! If you want some hilarious stories of about our outfits, if you want to see the inside scoop of some pretty awesome parties! Follow us in 2015 and cheer us on! Lastly cheers to the stores, the local boutiques and to my online shopping carts, it has been an amazing few years but you will no longer see in in 2015, as my closet has taken over my wardrobe!


3 thoughts on “Meet Megan

  1. Karen says:

    Hahah broke girl problems right here too! Can’t wait to see what you have in store
    Beautiful Post gem!
    I’m hoping you are having a great new year already and that 2015 will be a prosperous year for yourself and your blog.
    So much love,


  2. Lori Dye says:

    Omg Megan! I love this. This is the perfect blog for you. I miss you and your funny stories, so reading this blog will help me get my “Megs fix” 🙂 Love, love, love. Xox


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