The truth comes out

Snapping pictures of my shopping conquests. An old favourite pastime.

Snapping pictures of my shopping conquests. An old favourite pastime.

While there is about 10 million reasons why I need to stop shopping, the real reason why I was so into the idea of starting this blog is because of my grand master plan. To be able to buy a house in 2017.

As a struggling millennial, I know all about living pay check to pay check and living beyond my means. That’s my comfort zone, it’s where I’m used to functioning. Until this year the idea of saving money was a foreign concept to me. Saving money is the hardest thing to do. In my opinion anyways.

Why save money when there are so many beautiful things in the world that you can buy. You always hear people say, “You can’t take it with you.” Basically as a way to justify whatever purchase they just made.

To be honest I became sick of it. I don’t want anything anymore. Because all I want is a house. I struggle with spending $20 on something that I need because I think that going without it will somehow help me save later.


So much stuff!

I used to be the girl who could go to the mall and spend $500 in one hour. (And then not eat for a week because all my money was in my closet) These days I torture myself over everything. “Do I really need these pants? Will I wear this dress? Are these shoes really going to change my life?”

The best part is that I realize how annoying I am. Lately if a sales associate tries to help me in a store I straight up tell them, “Don’t bother. I am the customer of your nightmares. I’m not going to buy anything, but I’m going to walk around and look at everything.”

My parents tell me that when I was kid I would always want to go to Toys’R’Us. My dad says I would quietly walk into the store and look at EVERYTHING. I just had to go through every aisle and look at all the toys, but I would never ask for anything. I never wanted the toys, I just wanted to look at them.

I’m reverting back to my old ways. And it’s a good thing.



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