Birthday Outfit

My first challenge of the year was to wear something for a birthday dinner, namely, my birthday dinner. Having a birthday right after New Years’ is a recipe for boredom. When you’re young and wild with friends who party all the time, it’s easy to go out a few days after you just went out for NYE. But once you get older and your friends get less crazy, your birthday parties also get a little more tame.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Taken in my hallway after a couple glasses of birthday wine.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

And with the jacket. You know you had a nice time when the only pictures you remember to take are after the party is over.

Normally I would opt to buy something new for my birthday, because what the hell, I deserve it right. Another year older, the least I could get is a new shirt, or a dress, or a shirt and dress and pants and whoops shopping spree.

Anyways, this year since I obviously haven’t worn my entire wardrobe yet, I opted for something I already owned.

To be honest, picking something out was a piece of (birthday) cake, since I spent most of the day floating around the Nordik Spa and only really had to get changed for dinner, I felt confident that I could find something in my closet. After literally shaking a pound of salt (If you haven’t tried the Kalla bath your life is incomplete) of my hair we went to Town for a little birthday foodies.

I feel like this outfit is kind of my go-to…

I opted for a low key outfit to match the cozy resto. I ended up going with a forest green silk shirt from Club Monaco and my favourite jeans ever from VAM Boutique, these black lovelies by Mother Denim. I accessorized with my favourite Jenny Bird Necklace and bracelet and some bangles by Lissa Bowie. My boots were a steal of a deal from Le Chateau and I topped it off with a bright BB Dakota jacket and Tiger of Sweden gloves (both from VAM as well)

I feel like this outfit is kind of my go-to. Jeans with some sort of t-shirt that I can sloppily tuck into the jeans and booties.


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