Manic Monday

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Casual work pic

Yesterday was Megan and my first day back to work. We wasted no time getting right back into it. Organizing castings, taking meetings, confirming bookings. We were on fire. It was like we never went on vacation.

That’s a lie. Getting out of bed yesterday was the most difficult thing I have ever done and our outfits yesterday proved it.

When it’s -30 outside, your main priority becomes keeping warm. And when it’s your first day back in the office after two weeks of lounging, your other main priority is comfort.

Thanks to our amazing co-op student Kennedy for taking this pic of us working hard. 😉

Jen: I decided to go with a cozy cashmere sweater from J Crew and my second favourite pair of jeans that I actually got for free when I worked at Club Monaco. (The perks of being an employee!!) To dress it up a bit I slapped on a Jenny Bird bib and and hand cuff and paired it with my favourite Kate and Mel booties that actually live at the agency.

Jen, Linny and I at the Grand opening of the Tanger Outlet Shopping Mall

Jen, Linny and I at the Grand opening of the Tanger Outlet Shopping Mall

Megan: I tried on several outfits, trying to make things work but to be honest, nothing looked as good as my PJ’s felt. So I went with my pair of garage jeans (Who else hates shopping for Jeans? Me, Me, Me!) to be honest when I find a pair that fits me well I normally wear them until they are falling apart at the seams. I paired that with a Christmas present top I got from my sister from Smart Set. To make it a little more dressy for work, I paired it with a pair of sparkly studs from JCrew, and a pair of Aldo boots, both which I ended up buying when Jen and I went to the Tanger Outlet Shopping centre in Ottawa, to see our Models.


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