Paris, New York, London

Outfit Of The Day #ootd

Outfit Of The Day #ootd

My #ootd today, was again comfort based. I paired my take me to Paris, New York, London sweatshirt from Vero Moda that I have owned for two years now with a fun lacey skirt from Forever 21. I am a huge impulse shopper, and if I happen to walk by a store and see something I like, or see a mannequin wearing an outfit that I think is fabulous, I go in and buy it. I don’t even try it on. Sometimes works to my advantage, sometimes it doesn’t.  You should see how many items in my closet didn’t work to my advantage. However in the case of the fun flirty lacey skirt it did.


Favourite Grey Booties

I paired my skirt with some sheer black tights and my favourite pair of grey booties! I got these booties from Old Navy for $20. What I love about big stores is the fact that I can get booties for $20 and they’ve lasted me over a year. Not every time I buy something does it last me this long.  I wore my Pandora and my new Swarovski charm bracelets to give my outfit a little bling!

This outfit kept me warm in this cold weather and with the small heel my booties, I was able to stay on my feet and move around all day with out the sore swollen feet that comes with the higher heels.


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