It’s the end of week one of our no shopping challenge and I can say I’m pretty proud of how things went. I doubled up some outfits so I didn’t really make much of a dent into the whole “wear everything in my closet,” but I did save a ton of money.

The 2014 Jennifer was the type of person who would spend upwards of $15 per day on treats and food and things that I really didn’t need. The 2015 Jennifer is putting that girl to shame and only spent $3 this week after doing groceries and paying some necessary bills.

$3 is all I spent over the course of seven days and I couldn’t feel more proud. And the $3 I spent was on parking to visit a casting this week so I could cheer on some models.

I ate a lunch made from home every day, at night I actually cooked dinner, (ask me about my gourmet mustard chicken wrapped in bacon!) and in my free time I went to my favourite new hang out, The White House for some yoga and pilates. If I could spend 52 weeks spending this kind of money, we will be living in a beautiful house in no time.

Ahhh Motivation!!


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