Black on Black


My #ootd is all about being fashion forward, in an easy way. Tuesday is my appointment day at the agency, I meet with hopeful new faces, looking to break into the modeling world. I always try to up my outfits on appointment days!

Today I am wearing a black sheer dress from Joe Fresh, again an impulse buy, one that I didn’t wear for about a year and a half. I paired that with a pair of “disco pants”, that I have had for many years now and they hung out in the back of my closet for three years before I started wearing them again. I paired that with my black Aldo boots and my journey necklace to break up the party!

DSCN1903Here is an up-close of my journey necklace from my parents, it contains, a charm of a passport; because I travel, a family heart charm, a diamond ring; cause I am getting married, a high heel shoe charm, because I LOVE TO SHOP, and a dog bone, because I have the cutest dog around!

I believe that this outfit deserves an A+ for really reaching back in my closet and finding the lost clothing pieces.


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