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Sometimes I wish I had a uniform. When I was in grade school I envied people who had them. Working my first couple jobs in high school I loved wearing my uniform. (Even if it was a visor with SUBWAY written across it) I’ve always loved the simplicity of a uniform even though every fibre in my fashion girl body wants to wear different things all the time.

Doing this challenge of wearing everything in my closet at least once before shopping again, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am subconsciously creating a uniform for myself. My go-to is always a pair of jeans, be it boyfriend, ripped, black, waxed; a t-shirt and boots.

This is my thing and I think this is going to be the biggest obstacle in my quest for closet completion. I’m finding that I am reusing all of last weeks outfits. They make me feel comfortable. I find myself planning for laundry day and wearing all the same clothes that I wore the week before. The tried and true outfits that made me feel good last week are sure to pump me up this week right? IMG_7740

In the fall I remember reading an article about why innovators like Mark Zuckerburg and Steve Jobs always wore the same thing. It turned out to be a combo of de-cluttering their lives and having a trademark look.

I used to stay up night after night scheming outfits in my head, but as I get older I sleep better because I know tomorrow I can just wear a t-shirt, jeans and boots. It’s my uniform.


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