I need advice!!!

This year is not only about my closet transformation. I’m making it all about a whole ME transformation. I want to get better at saving money, I want to get better at being a healthier person on top of all of my other fashion goals and professional goals.

I’ve been spending my spare time these days not at a mall but at a Pilates studio. Specifically, The White House Movement studio. This new gem of a place opened in the fall and has become my new favourite place to spend time. I’ve been doing some amazing pilates classes, yogalates classes and some killer reformer stuff. I try to go AT LEAST three times per week.

My dilemma was that I only had ONE PAIR of yoga pants. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had lots of yoga pants in the past, but after several incidents involving an aggressive round of Just Dance, I seem to destroy them faster than I could buy them. Having one pair of yoga pants and doing yoga-like workouts 3+ times per week is not inconvenient it’s just nasty!

So I said to myself, “Self, you need another pair of yoga pants.” In my mind, getting the yoga pants is not a true cheat because it’s not like I’m wearing them to be fashionable, I am wearing them for function. I do not like the idea of going into Lululemon and spending $90 on yoga pants, but I will do it because I feel I need them. (And let’s get real, can any other yoga pant contain this jelly?)

So I put the question out there to the world. By purchasing a new pair of yoga pants to keep up with my new workout regimen, am I forfeiting my promise to not shop for any more clothes until all other items in my wardrobe have been worn?


Sidenote: I’ve already bought them and really this post is me justifying the purchase.


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