Shopping on a GiftCard


When I was a kid I always asked my mom why buying someone a green dress in that Barenaked Ladies song was “cruel.” “Because green dresses are awful.” My mom would reply. No doubt to quell the barrage of questions my kid mind came up with.

The fashion industry often pays in trade. it’s a fact. It’s unavoidable. It happens. Paying in trade is often not the best option a model can go for. Necklaces and gift cards don’t pay the bills. But it sure is nice sometimes to get something sparkly for your hard work.

As an agent sometimes we get the gift cards or gifts from the clients and for a girl with a no-money-spending pact, a gift card is practically gold.


Highlight of the day, seeing MIM model Pamela at RW&CO.

I was given a gift card by a really excellent client before the holidays and never got the chance to spend it, so this past weekend I figured now was as good a time as any. We have a couple events coming up for work that I wanted a new outfit for. Megan and I were heading out to Bayshore for some gift registry business, and Megan just had to jump at the chance of watching someone shop.

We ventured into H&M where my pickiness is a recipe for disaster. The entire store is a sensory overload of stylish accessories and clothes and to be honest it’s a little much.


“I need to watch someone shop.” Said Megan the shopping addict.

Tensions ran high as Megan suggested jackets and pants and dresses that would, “look great on you!!” But I wasn’t buying it. Literally…I didn’t buy anything. Much to Megan’s frustration my pickiness won out and I didn’t end up spending anything.

We attempted a different store, since I also had a generic mall gift card for a modest $35. Only to find that every single thing I would have been ok spending my card on was more than $35. It’s harder than it looks to spend within your means when you know you only have a finite amount of resources to spend. I kind of felt like a convict on death row. What was my last meal going to be?



We wandered around until our hungry and tired feet could no longer stand it. (ha ha get it? Stand it? Feet?!) We had to call it a day and admit to ourselves that shopping with a gift card is way more stressful than regular shopping. Maybe I’ll try again in the Spring.


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