High on shopping

Well it’s been a month of no shopping and for someone like me who is highly addicted to shopping, it has been very hard for me to not go shopping. Here is a few things that have helped me not shop:

1. A unexpected $1,600 vet bill (got no money to shop)
2. I am getting married in six months (every spare moment of my day is used to plan my wedding… No time)
3. This blog, actually having a reason to not shop is making me addicted to not going shopping

Don’t kid me, I have had my moments, where I am begging Jen to let me come with her to help her figure out what to spend her gift cards on. You can see from my text message with her below.


Anyways today I got to be on the ultimate high of shopping! I got to go to the Target liquidation sale and get stuff for MIM. Even though I wasn’t buying stuff for myself or even clothes for that matter, it was still the adventure of seeking out the best deals, fighting with carts, and people and busy aisle to make sure I get everything I needed. It was the joy my mind needed to keep me going, in my challenge! Check out what I got from Target!!!!!


Anyways to end this post about shopping for cosmetics, I decided to challenge myself even more. For the month of February (yes I know we’re five days in to this month) I will not repeat an outfit…. Or more specifically repeat any piece of an outfit… I for the month of February will not wear any piece of clothing more then one time (shoes, coats and purses are excluded from this challenge). Follow along to see how I survive the month of no repeat clothing!!!! Hope I survive!


2 thoughts on “High on shopping

  1. Becky Miller says:

    I’m totally a shopping addict too. Its so hard, especially because whenever I’m online and I don’t have my card, I’m just like “oh thats okay, I have it memorized!” Its so bad! Looks like you lucked out at the liquidation sale though! Good luck with your no repeat challenge!


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