At midnight we turn into pumpkins

Having nothing to wear to a ball is not a problem I thought I would ever have. However this past weekend the agency provided models for the Snowflake Ball, Ottawa’s top fundraising gala. Taking place at the Hilton Lac Lemy, guests were invited to don their nicest ball gowns, rent a tuxedo and be transported to an evening in Paris.

The event was absolutely stunning; there was an actual fountain. For the event, Megan had volunteered her time to assist with model wrangling, so when one model had to cancel at the last minute, all eyes were on her since she appeared to be the right size to fit in the provided dresses.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

“I can’t go to a ball in a stork dress!” But I can…and I did.

Throughout the day as I attempted to run errands and get ready for the ball, I was getting texts from her that were like, “So I’m in the show.” or “I’ve just had my hair and makeup done.” It was unbelievably fun hearing about her behind the scenes experience, especially since its been years since Megan has done any kind of modeling.

For me, not having Megan attending with me only added to my stress. I was so concerned that my outfit was not good enough. I never thought I would be so mad at myself for not owning a ball gown. So much so, that I think it will probably be the first thing I buy once this shopping ban is over.

Since most of my fancy dresses no longer fit me, I was forced to wear a super casual long sleeved dress I got from H&M. Don’t get me wrong, the dress is beautiful and I love it, but it’s not a ball gown.

Closer to the event starting, I messaged Megan and asked her if I would look out of place at the event. She replied, “No, you’ll just have to completely nail your hair and makeup.” NO PRESSURE.

Screen shot 2015-02-20 at 12.48.41 PM

The beautiful models of the evening, sans one #bossymodel

Upon arriving at the ball, I was pleased to see that some women chose to wear cocktail dresses and I felt less out of place than I thought I would. Walking around the event I was greeted by all of our beautiful models dressed in the most lovely wedding gowns from With Love Bridal Boutique. But the one bride I was most anxious to see was no where to be found!!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Megan as a beautiful bride modeling some auction jewellery valued at $10,000!!!

I finally found Megan directing guests around the auction table. She looked positively stunning. It was like a little preview of what she’s going to look like in August when she dons a wedding dress for real.

The night went well for me and Megan knocked it out of the park as a model, totally taking charge and leading everyone, even earning herself the nickname, “Bossy Model.”

The ball was incredibly fun for both Megan and myself and I am soooo looking forward to the next booking Megan will have to do! 😛


2 thoughts on “At midnight we turn into pumpkins

  1. Gea says:

    Love the dress. I was looking to buy it myself, but h&m sizing can be weird. I was wondering if this was small fitting, or true to size. Thanks. Awesome blog btw.


    • jbaguss says:

      Thanks! The sizing is pretty accurate on this one. Usually I’m a size 10 in dresses at Club Monaco or Jcrew etc. for this dress I went up a size just because I found the arms a bit tight on the 10.


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