Trading up

unnamed-3My overflowing closet has been proof of my shopping addiction for pretty much my entire life. I would go through phases where all I would buy would be graphic tees (anyone else remember the early 2000’s?) or who can forget the year where I wore nothing but cardigans and had one in every colour of the rainbow. Sometimes talking about my previous fashion choices I feel like Picasso, I can relate my snood period (2011-2012) to his blue period.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetPart of me feels that this circle of life approach to shopping is healthy, and when it comes to the period I am currently in, I am happy to say that clothes are not even a factor.

A few weeks ago Charles and I moved into a new apartment. It’s a smaller place but it’s also significantly nicer than the place we used to live. New appliances and ceramic floors have inspired me to do some sprucing up. Following websites like Apartment Therapy has given me new appreciation of living in a nice and unique space.

So lately I haven’t been buying shoes, pants, dresses, etc. Because I’ve been too busy buying plants, candles and lamps. While part of me wanted to stay away from Ikea and become the type of person with a custom home, my budget would not allow it. Trying to save money also meant that I couldn’t go crazy with new furniture because as my dad would say, “There’s nothing wrong with the furniture you have!!”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI stuck to the smaller items, opting to go to Ikea but vowing not to buy anything that my 19 year old self would have kept in her college apartment. I opted for lots of white, and stainless steel lamps. I stayed away from things I thought looked cheap, and also managed to stay away from things that were overly expensive. I took advantage of the sales at Target and also held out when looking for things like plants. The cactus I got is from Scrims Florist on Elgin, I would totally recommend checking them out, great selection and good prices!

Along with buying new items, I also threw out a whole bunch. Getting rid of mismatched boxes, old Ikea paper lamps and curtains with more cat hair on them then I’d like to admit. It felt good purging and replacing, and even though I didn’t spend a lot of money, I felt satisfied and happy that I was able to move forward in style.


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