Interview Style

It’s with mixed feelings that I decided to leave my current job and pursue something else. While working for a modeling agency is probably the most dynamic kind of job out there, I was really craving something more related to my passion and my schooling. This feeling led me to leave the agency and take a risk with getting a new job.

I have an interview today.

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I read somewhere that you shouldn’t try to look too stylish during a job interview. For the most part employers don’t really care how stylish you are, they mostly want to know if you’re qualified. This was a toughie for me because almost every job that I’ve ever had has revolved around fashion in some sense, so it’s always been something that I have been hyper aware of.

Cut scene to me in my bathroom last night painstakingly trying to decide if going to an interview with Second Day hair is ok

Working in the modeling industry we always instilled in the models that at castings and go-sees you need to be a blank slate, the designer/photographer/stylist needs to be able to picture you in whatever they are imagining, but at the same time you need to wow them with your personality.

I tried to meet myself in the middle for this outfit. It’s conservative and neutral but also has a pop of what I like. I look put together but comfortable. I’d like to think this look is effortless, but knowing how much I thought about it before putting it on is keeping me from saying it.

The pants are a wool jogging pant/dress pant hybrid from J Crew, the shirt is a mens slim fit dress shirt from Club Monaco (thanks Charles!) half tucked as always. The shoes are from Zara and the statement necklace is also from J Crew. I’ll be carrying my portfolio, resume and notebook in my black basic Status Anxiety Bag, just to make sure I still show a little edginess.

So there you have it. Interview Style for Simpletons! Just kidding, it took me four hours to come up with this outfit.

Wish me luck!



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