Most Versatile

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It’s no secret that I love cutoffs. When the temperature goes above 20 degrees and my legs are ready to see the light of day (read: when they are shaved and kissed with the glow of sunless tanner) I basically live in my cutoffs. I don’t ever want to wear anything else.

Since I’ve been unemployed (freelancing) I’ve been doing a lot of work from home, which has allowed me to wear my beloved cutoff pants. Or on some days the even more beloved no-pants, but that isn’t what this blog is about. On Friday I had a full schedule of appointments, meetings and classes that I needed to look good for. So I turned to my precious jean shorts to get me through the day.

First up was a meeting with my strategic planner, I am seeing Joan who owns her own company called Strat Evo. I would recommend anyone going through a personal or professional transition to see her. She is amazing! The second part of my day was observing a barre class at The Whitehouse Movement Studio. I am toying with the idea of becoming a barre instructor, so during the class I removed my jacket and let myself go a little more casual.

After a delicious lunch at the Nordstrom Restaurant, I moved on to handing out some resumes. The shorts conveyed my carefree nature, but my top and feet meant business. In the afternoon I met with a colleague to discuss some upcoming opportunities. Three hours later and some inspirational conversation, and I was off to the final part of my day: a friend’s birthday party!

This outfit got me through all parts of my super busy and productive day. Not once did I feel over dressed or under dressed. I was just right.


And so my friends, do not fear the cutoff. The cutoff is your friend.


One thought on “Most Versatile

  1. The Street Canvas says:

    #NeverNude 😉

    I’m OBSESSED with my cutoffs! When it gets cold outside I’ll have to be forced into pants!!! ❤


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