Can I be a model? 

Everyday I get to do something different! The other day was a shoot day at the agency. This is when our model students finally get to put everything they have learned into play. Shoot days are extremely busy already for me, as I run around helping students pick out outfits, making sure hair and make up is on point and giving them help and encouragement in front of the camera! I have to be able to move on these days, this shoot day was even busier with our summer campers and new faces appointments!  

 Here I am, on set with a black romper from Brandy Melville that I got on my Europe trip (1st cheat), I paired this low back romper (can’t see that in my pictures) with my trusty jean jacket from Vero Moda and my sandals from Aldo. Kept my jewelry simple, with a necklace from my trip to Brasil and another crystal one from model/teacher Tanisha.   Some times my posing wisdom is lost on me. Here I am rocking clips, a pink blazer and sunglasses as I keep running in and changing up new face Leah’s outfit!  


Overall I give this outfit the thumbs up for fuctionality!

Model Leah is rocking a denim dress buttoned all the way to the top with a pink blazer and black pumps! Here I am trying to copy Leah, however she posed better then me. I was happy with my outfit because I was able to easily move around on set, and still felt business like to meet potential models. 


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