Thanksgiving the Country Way!

 I know Thanksgiving was a few weekends ago, but things have gotten very busy in my life, and I didn’t have time to Post, so here is my later-post… Can you call a blog post a later-post?

In the above photo, you can see me at the local pumpkin patch, where I picked out the most perfect pumpkin I have ever seen! It was a tad bit windy so I wore my “new” blanket Scarf, yes I know I shopped…. however it is really a blanket, and a blanket is home decor! I never said I couldn’t buy Home Decor!!!!


No seriously I needed it! Honestly it was a great find! Garage clothing for $20!!!!!! It can not get any better! Seriously, go out and buy one right now, it is soft, and big, and warms me up on those cold nights we have been having. They have lots of great styles to choose from too!

Now back to my thanksgiving weekend. Like many other people’s weekend mine was family filled! I went back to my hometown of Campbellford, and spent the weekend with my parents and sister. My older sister Ashley, loves to go to the Norwood Fair, it is a very country fair that is in a town close to Campbellford. She is a teacher, and most of the time her students work is being shown at the fair, so on Thanksgiving Sunday, my sister and I trekked out to Norwood.

I had to tone down my outfit, as I normally stand out at the fair, in my clothes from the big old city of Ottawa! So I wore my plaid America Eagle’s man shirt that my Mother got me for Christmas last year, and paired them with a great pair of jeans I lucked out on, during my Europe trip this year! The weather was nice, but windy so I wore the plaid shirt over my “I have enough shoes” Said No one Ever! shirt, I got during my New York Trip this August from American Eagle. 

My grey booties were the perfect addition to my Fair outfit, along with my Ela bag, from the lovely Audra! With my booties and my bag, I felt like I was still in the city, but I was very much in the country!

Here you can see me with some award winning ducks and sheep! Just so everyone is aware, at the Norwood fair there is a competition for everything! I have decided next year I am going to join a competition, just to say I did! I saw the 1st place winner for 60% White Bread with a Recipe! Great big things are happening at the Norwood Fair! Below is a picture of the clothing items that are on sale at the Fair, as you can see I have dressed to match, I know I go on about dressing to stand out, but when you go home to the country fair, I believe you should try to blend in! Also not sure if you can see BUT the Norwood Fair, has the best prices in clothing items! 

Hope you enjoyed a little trip to my hometown! I also hope you all had a very yummy thanksgiving dinner!  


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