Wishful Wednesday’s 

Here is my wishful Wednesday post! Some things I am currently wishing for…

#1 warm weather

#2 sandal season

#3 light sweater weather

Hmmm it seems all my wishes relate to summer time, as much as I love fall weather, I truly am a summer babe. So I am posting a blog about an outfit I wore in the summer. An outfit that I felt had a hippie vibe to it.

Here I am wearing my boyfriend inspired jeans that I got at Loft in New York back in August. Paired with my jeans is a simple black tank top from H&M, and my colourful kimono, I bought a few years ago to go with a specific dress… Needless to say it didn’t go, but I love it just the same! It’s from H&M as well. This outfit is accessorized with my charm necklace from my mother and my spring wedge sandals.

Laura apparently had the same feeling I did when she got dressed that morning! Laura is wearing a beautiful knitted crop top from Forever 21, paired with a cute pair of denim style shorts from Toxik and her wedges are from Michael Kors.
This post brought back some great memories of working a Friday, going out for dinner with my girl Ally and meeting up for drinks with the boy later!

Can we just go back in time? Where the weather was warmer!

Well folks peace out! Enjoy that fall weather out there! 


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