Fall attire 🍂🎃

Nothing overly exciting to write about this outfit or day! It was your every type of work day in that cold fall weather. So I have decided to come up with how to dress for the fall weather when you don’t get to shop:

  1. Have a few nice pairs of pantyhose. That way you can wear your fun summer skirts into the fall;
  2. Booties, those kick around the leave in the fall, type of booties;
  3. Heavier sweaters that keep you warm when your legs are pretty much only covered by a thin piece of material;
  4. Great statement jewelry! I suggest Jenny bird jewelry;
  5. Pumpkins, I know you can’t really wear them but just having them in the picture makes me feel better about not shopping.

The outfit details for this fall weather from bottom up,  my grey booties we have all seen before from Old Navy, my fun black flirty skirt from Aritzia that I got from a gift card my beautiful boss got me, and my heavier sweater is from; you guessed it, H&M.

I absolutely love the things you can find at H&M and the price you can find them at.

I wore my Jenny Bird necklace I got from the local VAM Boutique and my Tiffany & Co. bracelet, from my friend Tatum. See below for a close up of the two awesome accessories!

Have a great pumpkin filled fall season! 


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