Polka dots and Crop tops 

Once a month on a Saturday models international host a model search. My job is to greet the potential models, answer any questions they have and show them around the agency. I decided to wear a fitted skirt with a crop top and blazer. With the chilly weather I paired it with a dark pantyhose and a perfect pair of runway shoes.

 The details of the outfit from bottom up, my nude pumps are from Payless shoes, buy one get one sale. My skirt is actually a dress from American Apparel that you can wear a 1,000 different ways. When I worked in the bar scene this skirt was my go to Friday cocktail dress, the best part no one ever knew it was the same dress every week, because I could wear it so many different ways. Perfect when you work ever Friday night! My crop top is from H&M that was bought on my New York trip. The blazer is from dynamite, which I picked up in our lost and found after it waited there for over a year. My statement necklace is from Stella and Dot,  I have a crazy amount of jewelry from them because I use to be a sales rep for them.

Why are the shoes the perfect runway shoe? Well they are tall (at least 4.5 inches tall) but the reason they are so great is they have the platform under the toe. This way you get the extra height with out the bad back. The nude colour is great especially for models that have to bring different pairs of shoes to jobs.

If you are interested in Modeling, check out our next model search on November 28th! 


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