Despicable Three

This weekend my nephews; best friend Alexandra’s twins, turned three years old! To celebrate we had a despicable three party, based around Minions! I wanted to showcase what one wears to a three year olds party and a little bit on the children’s fashion you can find at a birthday party!

Here is a photo (maybe ignore my face) of me (far right), my girlfriend Alexandra (middle) and my girlfriend Tatum (far left). I wanted to be comfortable enough that I could play on the ground with the kids, chase them around, but still look fashionable. So I went with my favourite leather skirt from Vero Moda, topped it off with a layered look, of my pink v-neck shirt also from Vero Moda, and my denim inspired shirt from J.Crew.  I did a half tuck on my denim shirt into my leather skirt to make it more form fitting. Of course I rocked my grey Old Navy booties with it. This booties can literally be worn with EVERYTHING! and I LOVE IT!

This outfit not only got me through the party of the year, but also through girls night later on that evening at my friend Tatums house.

Never did I feel over dressed or under dressed! I like to call this perfection!

The birthday boys were looking rather dashing in some awesome collared button up shirts with some very fashionable vests. James vest is getting him ready for the upcoming winter we are about to have, where as Jaxon’s argyle vest is preparing him for his life as a Pro Golfer. They topped off their awesome outfits with Minion hats!

My other nephew Anthony; son of my girlfriend Tatum, was ready for a party in his Adidas green sweater. He paired that with a good fitting pair of jeans, and matched his shoes with his green stripped adidas shoes. His party outfit would not have been completed with out his minion party hat!

As you can see by James’ face, he absolutely loved the dinosaur long sleeve shirt I got him for his birthday. I feel like these boys, all three of them, are going to keep me very busy when they are older… I can see them being very fashionable when they are older, and I am going to love watching them shop!

I had some of my friends that are mom’s ask me to talk about fashion for moms, when they are very busy with the kids, they don’t have the time to put energy into their wardrobe.

My one piece of advice to mom’s is KEEP IT SIMPLE! Find basic pieces, that look amazing on you, and that can go with lots of different pieces. A great fitted pair of jeans with a basic tee, and a simple jacket, blazer or fun sweater,  you have put together a very simple look, that makes you look like you have spent lots of time putting it all together. When really you haven’t 🙂

So my friends keep it simple! And enjoy the little things in life! 


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