Bright like Glitter, Bubbly like Champagne 

 I love a little glitter in everything I do! Not every place of work would you be able to pull off a glitter sequin skirt, but that is just another reason why I love my job.

When you wear glitter you shine all day!

I like to joke that I wear this skirt when I need to be seen, stand out from the crowd, make sure I am noticed and taken seriously. Well, as seriously as one can be taken in a sequel skirt. I call myself the human disco ball, when I move around the light catches my skirt, and makes you want to DANCE, or get a pair of sunglasses.

 My sequin skirt is of course from my favourite store Vero Moda, this skirt has seen me through a christmas party, a modeling convention and now a photoshoot day at the agency. I paired it with yet another favourite piece,  my denim shirt from UNIQLO, a great find in SoHo and I pulled my wool black Glamorous sweater from VAM boutique over it. VAM is a great local shop, so great that my gold point Mia limited edition flats are from there as well! Woot Woot!

Shop Local, Support Local!

My skirt is more sequin then glitter, however I love the word glitter more then sequin so I thought I would talk quickly about the new trend for guys… have you seen it? Any guesses what I am talking about? hmmmm… drumroll please… if you said Glitter Beards… you aQSFUeFzre the winner. What do you win? hmmmm my love and appreciation? Seriously this blog is called Broke is the New Black, do you think I have money for prizes? Love is all I have to give!

I think this trend is absolutely hilarious, and I am hoping with all of my heart, that I get to see this trend at least once this holiday season! Anyone else with me? Let me set the scene… imagine you are at a christmas party and there you are eating some cheese and crackers, drinking your wine, you turn around and BAM, glitter beard! Seriously… Wine is currently coming out of my nose from laughing so hard. Can someone please make this happen for me for christmas?

How do you feel about Glitter Beards? Leave your feelings in the comment section! 


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