About Megan

Here am I, a girl in the fashion industry, going to magazine parties, fashion shows, VIP store openings, SoFullSizeRender-3unds amazing right? Sounds like a fun lifestyle? Well it is, unless you are BROKE. Then you run into the ever agonizing question, “what am I going to wear.” So here I am an Academy and New Faces Director, and Placement Agent at a modeling agency, tired of having no money, and so many places to go!

I love fashion, I love travel, I love all things fun and exciting! This means that I am honestly BROKE to the power of nothing! What I hope to share to others is a way to repurpose the clothes you have in your closet for every event and every travel opportunity.

I am a backpacker at heart, so I understand the concept of traveling light, however I have also done the all inclusive vacations, couch surfed and will soon be traveling with my mother to Brasil. I am hoping to share all of my experiences with you and help you pack smarter.

Follow along if you have a love for fashion and a love for travel! If you want some hilarious stories, if you want to see the inside scoop of some pretty awesome parties! Follow along as the adventure awaits.  Lastly cheers to the stores, the local boutiques and to my online shopping carts, it has been an amazing few years of building up one epic wardrobe!




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